February 9, 2016


We invite Darden students, faculty, staff and alumni to submit photographs. Use the form below to submit your photograph to the Darden Art Project electronically.

The deadline to submit your photos is midnight the 25th February 2018. If your photo is selected, you will be notified in the following weeks. Please refer to submission guidelines before sending us your work.

When your submission is successfully uploaded to our system, you will receive confirmation from us at the e-mail address you enter below. If one of your photographs is selected, we will notify you in the following weeks and request your bio and description of the selected photograph. Winning entries will be framed and displayed in Darden hallways or Cafe 67 for the next academic year .

After display in the Darden Classroom building and Café 67 for one year, the photographs are sold. Proceeds are donated to a charity chosen by the Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), whose members manage the sale process. DART continues annually with a new set of photographs solicited, hung and sold each winter.

Please contact Trisha Hongcharti (HongchartiT@darden.virginia.edu) in case of any questions or issues.

Submission guidelines:

a) You may submit up to three photographs.

b) File name should be in format of FirstName_LastName_Picture(1/2/3) while uploading.

c) Entry photos must be in a .JPG / .TIFF /.GIF /.JPEG /.PNG file format.

d) We ask that you submit high resolution photographs. Entries may be color or black and white.

e) By submitting my photographs, I hereby grant the Darden Art Project and Darden School of Business the right to use my photographs in conjunction with the aims of this initiative, including editing, printing, displaying, and selling my photograph as well as posting on websites or social media.

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: JPG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, JPEG.
Maximum file size: 30MB.